I help empower Millennials who are looking to...

Get Started

Financial Coaching

This is for those who are starting to get their financial life in order and don't know where to start or need some guidance. We work together through a collaborative process over 6 months to help you feel confident and empowered with your finances!

Who is this for?

- Professionals starting their first career

- Entrepreneurs figuring out the money side of business

- Those who get confused dealing with finances and need organization or clarity

- Anyone who wants to get out of debt and take control of their financial life

Get Ahead

Financial Planning

This is for those who want to optimize their plan to make sure their money is working as hard as it can for them! We work together over two meetings to get clear with what you're working towards, what you're currently doing and uncover what leaks or gaps there are in your plan. Let's get you to your financial goals faster!

Who is this for?

- Couples looking to co-mingle their finances

- Business owners looking to organize their personal and business finances

- Ambitious Millennials striving for financial independence

Get Protected

Insurance Planning

This is for those who want to plan and protect themselves in case of an event that creates a large financial impact (ie. - death, disability and illness). This is for anyone who has dependents or want to plan for the risks that come with life.

Who is this for?

- Families with young children

- Those who have a mortgage and don't want mortgage insurance

- Self-employed individuals who do not have group benefits to protect them

- Clients with corporations who need to protect their staff and their business

If you're still unsure if working with me makes sense for you, feel free to book a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you. Perhaps we may still be a good match, even if you don’t fit the profiles above. And if not, I will try my best to guide you in the right direction or to another financial planner who may better suit your situation!

Frequently asked questions

What is a Financial Wellness Plan?

A Financial Wellness Plan is a financial plan that's made specifically for someone who wants to live a non-traditional life. It's an action-oriented game plan to help you take control of of your work, wealth, and wellbeing over the next 6-12 months. This plan is focused on cash flow and debt management. There is no little-to-no investment or tax advice, as it is not my area of expertise. If you are looking for support specifically for investment or tax advice, we can refer you to other professionals who can take care of you. You will find a dynamic, customized budget, cash flow tracker, debt repayment plan, action plan, and progress tracker. This plan is made to be dynamic; to change as your life constantly changes.

Can I choose to work with you on an ongoing basis?

Yes you can! Many clients find a lot of value in working with a CFP and Financial Wellness Trainer consistently over a long period of time. Some clients meet with me quarterly while others meet annually. This is ideal for those who value accountability, a soundboard, and ongoing support. It's ideal for the person who is continuously looking for ways to improve themselves. There are always ways to play bigger when it comes to our work, wealth, and wellbeing.

How do we meet?

All meetings will be done virtually through video call (Zoom).

How long do I have to use my financial wellness sessions?

For those who sign up for Expansion or Transformation, it is recommended to have your financial wellness sessions once per week, to continue building momentum. However, if meeting every week is a challenge, you have 6 months to use all of your financial wellness sessions.

Do you give investment and tax advice?

WellSpent intentionally chooses not to give any specific investment or tax advice. If you need help primarily with investment advice or tax advice, we will gladly refer you to other professionals that can take care of you and your financial needs.

I would like to meet you with my partner. Is that possible?

The plans mentioned above are tailored towards individuals. However, there is a lot of benefit and growth to working with a Financial Wellness Trainer with your partner. Sign up for a one-time financial wellness session and come with your partner. I will explain how I work with couples and families. You can then decide if my approach is appropriate for you and your partner.

I don't live in Canada. Can I still work with WellSpent?

Yes you can! Our relationship with money is not restricted to a country or a Tax Act. Creating meaningful changes towards financial freedom can be done, regardless of where you live. Just note that I am unable to give specific banking, investing, and tax advice to anyone outside of Canada.

I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to before I enroll?

Feel free to reach out to us by email and we will do our best to answer your questions. Sometimes, we will reply by asking you to go on a discovery call, as it might help better answer your questions.