WellSpent doesn't believe that money should ever restrict anyone from taking control of their own happiness. If you're not in a position to work with a Financial Wellness Trainer, here is a library of resources to help you get started along your journey towards financial freedom.

Although this library will focus on wealth and wellness, it will also include valuable content on work, emotional mastery, personal leadership, trauma, consciousness, health, business, and other areas of life that might help you along your journey towards financial freedom.

Free External Resources

Rational Reminder

Ben Felix & Cameron Passmore

This is a great resource for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the investing world and wants a no-B.S.., a simple-to-understand resource to become a more rational investor. It's tailored to Canadians but has many episodes that will be valuable for anyone around the world.

Canadian Couch Potato

Dan Bortolotti

This is a great introduction to passive investing. This is ideal for anyone who has very little in investing and wants a "couch potato" approach to investing. The irony is that this simple, lazy approach to investing tends to yield higher returns long-term.

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