Financial Blueprint

Your finances can be complicated. There is much to consider, from taxes to insurance to investments. To keep you on track, I will help create a blueprint that will take into consideration some or all of the seven key areas of financial planning: Goals, Protection, Cash Flow, Investing, Taxes, Estate, and Giving. A Financial Blueprint will ensure that all of the following areas are integrated and are set up in harmony, to make the most out of your money.

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Investing allows your money to grow, which creates more of the fuel to achieves your goals. My goal is to educate you on the different investment options and registered plans to help you make a more informed decision with your investments. Knowing your options will allow you to have the best investment portfolio for your situation.

Once understanding which portfolio suits your situation, regular maintenance and adjustments are required. I help manage your investments to free up your time and energy for the things that are most important in your life.


Protection is the foundation of a strong financial blueprint. No matter how much you save, how little you spend, or how smart your financial choices may be, there will always be risks that may cause your financial house to collapse. Protection ensures that you are safe from life's most common risks.

I will educate you importance of the different types of insurances, such as life, disability, and critical illness. We then take a needs-based approach to analyzing how much protection you really need, to ensure you are not over-exposed and that you aren't overpaying.

Cash Flow

It is essential to understand where your money is going to take control of your finances. As you become more aware of your cash inflows and cash outflows, you can prioritize where your money and energy go.

We will look to see where your cash flow position is, how to address any debt you may have, and work out a budget to create your plan. I will teach you how to automate and monitor your finances so you can be conscious of where your money is going with little time and effort.


Identifying your goals is always the first step in creating a financial plan. Without a destination, it's hard to navigate through your financial journey. I will get to know you deeply and together we can identify what matters most to you and your family. Your goals may include materialistic objects, experiences, ambitions, or even a state of Being.

As your goals and priorities shift throughout your life, your financial blueprint is going to shift to stay aligned.


Are you paying more taxes than you need to be paying? There are many ways to mitigate the amount you pay in taxes. This tax saving can come in the form of: Setting up a different kind of retirement plan, adjusting your investment portfolio, charitable giving, or carefully selling a highly-appreciated asset.

As I understand your situation, I will inform you of different tax-saving considerations that are relevant to you. I will also show different tax-saving strategies that will help your money work smarter for you.



Nobody likes thinking about death, however estate planning is a significant part of your financial plan. Your death will create major financial changes to the lives around you and it is important be aware of the consequences to plan accordingly.


We work together to identify the legacy you want to leave behind. We will then build a plan to minimize taxes, leave money to your loved ones, and create a meaningful impact to a cause that's important to you. I will also educate you on other considerations for estate planning, such as the importance of a will and power of attorney.



The way you spend, invest, and give creates an important impact on your community and the world. However, the impact your actions are taking might not be aligned with your values.


You will learn the effects of your financial decisions so you can form re-alignment with your values and ultimately create a positive environmental and social impact. We will also explore different options that can allow giving to become an integral part of your financial blueprint.

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