Step 1: Explore

  • Second meeting if you choose to work with me

  • See where you are in life: life stage, budget, debts, potential risks, and investing experience

Step 2: Engage

  • I review and analyze the information we've discussed

  • Put together all the information we talked about to create recommendations and a timeline

Step 3: Enlighten

  • See which financial areas you need to address to reach your goals

  • Together, we adjust the plan and timeline until you are 100% satisfied

Step 4: Envision

  • Step by step we follow through with the recommendations in the plans

  • Prioritize the most immediate needs in your plan

Step 5: Empower

  • An annual review to look over your goals and your life's situation

  • Readjust your plan to remain consistent with your changing circumstances

Plan with Purpose

Not only do we want Millennials to prosper financially, we want to help them experience and spread the joys that come from giving and making an impact. 

Book an introductory session to discuss your situation, goals, financial concerns, and receive financial education. From there, we can see if we can be of any service to you.

To express my gratitude for your consideration of working with us, Vantage Planning will donate $50 of my our money in your name to a charity of your choice.

Book a meeting today and join the #millennialmovement today.

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