Vantage Planning is different than most financial advisory practices out there. I focus on a fee-based structure that doesn’t require you to have a million dollars before I can help you.

My planning process revolves around your situation, your values, your goals and what you want out of life. The conversation does not revolve around products, but your life.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Have a professional and partner guide you through your journey we call life

Gain clarity with your current situation, life transitions to plan for, and goals to strive towards

Organize and simplify your finances so you can focus on what's important to you

Develop strategies to optimize your investments, review your insurance, plan for retirement, minimize your taxes, and pay off debts

Gain accountability on implementing your financial plan

We'll work together over time to help you achieve your non-traditional goals and your bucket list

Ongoing review and changes to your financial plan, to account for your always-changing life, tax changes and government programs

Have ongoing access to a CFP® to ask your financial questions and get a second opinion on decisions

Who is this for?

You're happy to offload and delegate your finances to focus on your family, business, career, and life

You want ongoing accountability and guidance to ensure you reach your financial and life goals

You value the advice and second opinion of a trusted advisor to make sound financial decisions

You expect changes in your life and financial situation that you want to plan for

You're striving for financial independence and need support speeding up the process

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum to start working with you?

No there is not. As I am partnered with many financial institutions to help provide certain services and products, I can get paid part of my fee through commissions. This allows me to keep my services affordable and removes the need to have minimums. However, if our engagement together is more complex in nature, there may be an upfront minimum fee to account for additional time and work provided. Examples include corporate planning, retirement planning/government benefits planning, money coaching and debt counselling. After the initial free meeting, I will make it clear if there is an upfront fee required, before you make a decision to work together.

What if I don't need help on an ongoing basis?

Ongoing financial planning isn't for everyone. Many people would prefer to handle their finances on their own, and just need a second opinion. I offer "quickstart sessions," that are paid sessions to address one or two financial areas you want to address. This allows you to receive objective advice, while having control of how you manage your finances. You can also opt-in to have a comprehensive financial plan built for you. I can review your situation and goals, and give recommendations for you to implement on your own.

Where do we meet?

I am based in Vancouver, BC with an office space in downtown Vancouver and an office space in East Vancouver. I meet clients personally in the lower mainland and can meet clients in other parts of Canada through Zoom or Google Hangout. The introductory meeting will be through a phone call or video call.

When is the best time to meet with a financial planner?

It makes sense to meet with a financial planner when you have a specific financial or life goal you want to plan for. Even if you don't have a specific goal, it makes sense to meet with a planner 2-3 years before any major life transition you expect (ex. - buying a home, having a child, starting a business, heading into retirement). Even when you're new out of post-secondary school and starting your first career, it may make sense to meet with a planner to get your finances in order from the beginning.

If you're still unsure if financial planning makes sense for you, feel free to book a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you. Perhaps we may still be a good match, even if you don’t fit the profiles above. And if not, I will try my best to guide you in the right direction or to another financial planner who may suit your situation!